About US

Bangkok Aqua Plus Co.,Ltd.

We are collector and exporter company in Thailand,  We had experience in aquarium fish export more than 25 years. We had biggest network and really know all collector and all breeding farm.   That we can find the best of quality of fish and the best condition & price. and we also can find out the best of exporter company in Thailand .

If  you find exporter company from Thailand or Asia , please consider our company. Why you must consider :

  • We had experience operate ornamental fish exporter company  longtime that we really know how to manage shipment on good consider of fish and best flight for transport fish to all customers.
  • Full facility in-house for handle fish quarantine , packing and transportation.
  • Knowledge  and skill of our staff. (operation and office)
  • standard of exporter company control by Inland Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute, Department of Fisheries  of Thailand.
  • we available prepare all document for all country request.

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